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Gun-Britt has been in the hair industry for over 50 years and is today the owner the exclusive hair salon Gun-Britt Coiffure in the center of Copenhagen and the product company GB products. Beyond Gun-Britt’s daily work in the salon and the product company GB products, Gun-Britt also teaches other professionals, as part of her master classes. ​Gun-Britt’s Philosophy is: “success spring from three things: hard work, attention to detail and stubbornness” Gun-Britt’s philosophy is also an integrated part of her mentality, she expects the best of the best from her team, because she knows that education is a must to keep with the tendencies, trends and techniques, as well as to keep her team motivated and inspired. Gun-Britt is a trend spotter who is constantly on the go, looking for that next source of inspiration.​

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+45 33 93 13 53
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