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Up until 1958 the kits were produced under the name “VHT” Vestjydsk Hobby Teknik, but this changed as Mr. Billings products became known outside Denmark. August 1958 the Billing Boats logo and name was a reality, and the company started to be known around the world as the first and the finest manufacturer of modelboats. During the 60s, 70s and 80s the kits were improved, and gradually made easier for consumers to build. The frames were precut or diecut, and in the 60s ABS-hulls were introduced for the people that wanted to go out sail with RC. In 1989/90 the first lasercut-machine was brought in, and everything became easier to produce, but also to make for the modelbuilder. In 1990 Mr. Billing died, and his wife and son took over the company, running it in his spirit. During the 90s it became clearer that the market was changing, and that the competition was not coming from Europe alone anymore, but throughout the whole world. In 2003 Mr. Billings son, Kent Billing and his wife Rikke Dolleris Billing took over the company with a clear goal, to bring the company up to speed and bring in more technology. August 2008 was the 50th Anniversary of the Billing Boats brand name, and we are proud to bring you some of the finest model boats in the world, using the latest technology, our Danish craftsmanship and know-how.Billing Boats made for everyone...Designed and made in Denmark

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